Relaxation, Sing, Develop: In Miley Cyrus’ Therapeutic 12 months

Showbiz divisions have been known to get messy, but Miley and Liam reached an amicable settlement in December and a judge signed out in January, officially divorcing them. Happy New Year.

But in case you haven’t noticed before, Miley isn’t one who delves into the past. Even when she’s returned to what is comfortable, like when she reunited with Liam after years, the former child star is all about personal growth and changing what no longer works (this year included this separating from their other longstanding relationship (companion, marijuana) and enjoying life to the fullest.

And it’s usually never fuller than when she’s invested in a project that matters to her. Miley sent it back to the studio asap. The entire tree that bears the fruits of their labor, Plastic Hearts, is slated to appear on November 27th.

However, after “Midnight Sky”, her first single from her seventh studio album, was released in August, Miley announced the cancellation of her work (two EPs, She Is Here and She Is Everything) and admitted that this wasn’t the time for it Pretending to know what the hell was going on and making careful plans. Not that it was ever really her bag.

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