Robbery gone wrong: employee asks not to call the police! (‘Please, I just got home’)

A robbery in a T-Mobile store went terribly wrong for the gunman after he lost his weapon – and asks the employee not to call the police, MTO News has learned.

The incident took place in a T-Mobile store. It starts with a gunman pulling a gun on the only employee in the shop – and demanding money.

The Sagittarius can hear him say, “Give me the money, n ** ga.”

The clerk remains calm and assures the shooter that he will hand over the store’s money. But MOT News witnessed that as soon as the shooter waned his vigilance – it was over for him.

The quick-thinking clerk quickly lunged forward and grabbed the gun. The two men began to wrestle, and finally the clerk was able to snatch the gun from the robber.


The robber then began begging the clerk to let him go.

First he said to the clerk, “Hey, that was just a joke … I was playing.”

When the clerk did not accept his explanation, the robber began to beg. He can be top heavy and say, “Please daddy, don’t call the police … I just got home from jail.”

The employee was not moved by the pleading felon. MTO News learned that the T-Mobile employee called the local police and the shooter was arrested.

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