Rukes Prints make the proper Christmas reward for EDM followers with this Black Friday sale [Interview]

It’s somewhat impossible to talk about your EDM’s online presence without mentioning Rukes in the same sentence. As one of the most prolific event photographers in dance music, his photos have graced the cover of countless articles on our website – I personally have over 2,000 of his photos on my hard drive.

This Christmas season, Rukes – real name Drew Ressler – is giving all of his fans back a special Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday sale that starts tomorrow through Monday. Read below to find out what he was up to during COVID and how you can take advantage of this fantastic offer!

How have you been in the past eight months? What did you do, how did you support yourself, what do you miss the most?

I took it mostly calmly. With a combination of pandemic relief and the time to sell old things on eBay, I was able to replenish my savings a bit so I can gratefully stick with it until things return to normal.

I pretty much miss everything. I miss traveling the most; Flying internationally has always been my favorite pastime. It will be a bit difficult to see how cruise festivals could ever return, and these have always been uniquely fun.

You recently started offering prints of your photos that you hadn’t offered before. What made you finally take the plunge?

I offered some poster prints of Deadmau5 many years ago, but back then it was just for fun. I sold the poster prints for almost nothing, and they didn’t make enough sense to keep selling them.

I decided to use my free time to set up a proper printing business and actually have a lot of high quality pictures and prints as most people are only one time buyers. Let people get something that will last awhile or make a quality gift compared to simple poster printing. There is no other online place in the world that sells high quality DJ prints. I’ve even tried working with rock / pop oriented print pages and they weren’t very receptive.

What is the process for which artist you put on the print side?

Since I own the copyright for most of my photos, I can adhere to U.S. copyright law, which allows me to sell any print as art, as long as it is numbered and signed up to 200. This is something I plan to do at some point on my website with certain artists that I can’t work out with.

In the meantime, I’m discussing getting permission to produce prints only on demand without singing or numbering them, which is a lot easier. Every artist you see on the site so far has given their consent in a mutually beneficial way so that everyone is happy. I thought I was going to hit tons of roadblocks, but for the most part people were very receptive.

I actually still have a list of artists with whom I am working out the approval. It’s just that due to the lack of gigs, some managements are kind of in out of office mode, so anything work-related is pushed back a bit. It takes a lot longer than just discussing it at a festival or while at work. My current plan is to release a new artist once a month!

We hear that you’ve got something for fans this Thanksgiving Day. Can you tell us a little more about it?

I’m doing a huge Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday sale Thursday through Monday using the code THANKS2020 for 30% off everything on my website!

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