Safaree shares a video with his family and impresses fans with the clip

Safaree shared a video with his wife and daughter on his social media account. The fans were impressed with the fact that this family could stick together.

One fan said, ‘Wow. This is soooooo beautiful. Happy tears for your friend. ‘

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Someone else said “Simple Amazing”, congratulations again.

One follower said, “I love to see Erica right now … she has been through so much … this life is so deserved” and another follower said, “You have an amazing man for Erica please keep him, he needs you Erica. ‘

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Someone else posted: ‘It’s all to me !! The lyrics are tough 💯 ‘and one commenter said,’ All I hear is Nick’s swag. That’s how I know you wrote her rhymes 🤯 ‘

A fan posted the following: ‘God bless this beautiful union! Trust and believe that HE is holding you in HIS hands because HE loves you so much! An inspiration remains for both of you, mistakes are inevitable. Keep teaching through your TRUTH … it’s admirable.

Another follower said, “It’s so damn nice to be who cut onions.” You are strong, just pray and pray for strength and guidance, and God will be with you both on your journey.

One follower said, “Omg @safaree, this song is just beautiful. @Iiamerica_mena. I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations on everything.”

Someone else said, “Congratulations and all the richest blessings of God to both of you.”

In other breaking news, Erica Mena shows off her pregnant belly for the gram. We recently revealed that they and Safaree are expecting their second child.

Erica Mena shared a few new pics that she looks great on. Check out the photo session she shared on her social media account below.

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