Sailor Moon Eternal The film gets a new trailer and voice cast

The gang still never runs away from a real fight.

Sailor Moon Netflix Social Feature

The upcoming double feature Handsome Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal unveiled its main trailer, New Art, and revealed the movie’s voices.

The trailer shows the entire cast of Sailor Moon using their powers to protect the world and those they care about. Every Sailor Moon character has a moment to show off their skills in a trailer filled with intimidating black domes, formidable fights, and even a unicorn. This Netflix-exclusive dual role is sure to be one of the streaming service’s biggest anime releases of 2021.

Sailor Moon Social Feature

Image via Netflix

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The two-part anime film has also revealed its cast of voices, which also belongs to Stephanie Sheh (Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon), Kate Higgins (Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury), Cristina Vee (King Hino / Sailor Mars), Amanda C. Miller (Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter), Cherami Leigh (Minako Aino / Sailor Venus), Sandy Fox (Chibi-Usa / Sailor Chibi Moon), Veronica Taylor (Setsuna Meioh / Sailor Pluto), Erica Mendez (Haruka Tenoh / sailor Uranus), Laura Landa (Michiru Kaioh / Sailor Neptune), Christine Marie Cabanos (Horatu Tomoe / Sailor Saturn), Robbie Daymond (Mamoru Chiba / tuxedo mask), Michelle Ruff (Luna) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Artemis).

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The film Part 1 and Part 2 will premiere on June 3rd worldwide with the exception of Japan. Check out the trailer, recap, and new art for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 and Part 2 below:

When a dark force envelops the earth and a dark circus troupe emerges after a total solar eclipse, the scattered Sailor Guardians must reunite to bring light back into the world … ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’ was originally created by Naoko Takeuchi, The Ewige Film by Chiaki Kon (“The Way of the Househusband”, “Nodame Cantabile: Paris Edition & Finale”) is directed, with music by Yasuharu Takanashi (“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal”, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III”) ), with Kazuko Tadano (‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens’) is responsible for character design and TOEI Animation / Studio DEEN for animation production.

Sailor moon poster

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