“Scared Straight” Transgender Lady Foxxy “Relationship” Teen Boy You “Scared” Straight?

Reality star Ms. Foxxy from the hit reality show Beyond Scared Straight now seems to be with the “teenager” whom, according to pictures that MTO News saw, she wanted to “scare” directly.

A & E’s hit series Beyond Scared Straight is one of the network’s biggest hits. In this series, potential criminals – especially teenagers – are sent to jail where inmates try to convince them to improve their lives.


One of the most interesting scenes was between a transgender inmate named Ms. Foxxy and a teenager.

Ms. Foxxy spoke to the boy about how difficult it is to be in jail, especially for teenagers. She also talked about all of the brutal sexual abuse she’s been exposed to behind bars.

The scene took place in 2014. The boy on the scene is a grown man now – in his 20s.

Here is the scene:

Well, Ms. Foxxy was eventually released from jail and new images surfaced suggesting the two are dating.

Here are pictures of the two looking like a couple. The news of their dating was first posted on a video that you can look here


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