Senator Thom Tillis drafts a brand new invoice to overtake the Copyright Workplace and DMCA

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) has proposed reform of the existing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) with a newly published bill called the Digital Copyright Act of 2021 (DCA). Senator’s newly proposed legislation, calling the DMCA “obsolete” and “overdue for modernization,” would include a revision of the copyright office that exists today by moving it from the Library of Congress to the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce and the installation of a dated Presidents appointed Register of Copyrights to oversee the new executive agency.

The language proposed in the new legislation would allow federal agencies to define “standard technical measures” that online service providers would have to consider or apply with regard to copyright infringement. In particular, the draft also lowers “the specificity with which copyright holders must identify infringing material in certain circumstances” and proposes “to replace the notification and shutdown system in current law with a notification and delay system for complete and near-complete work”.

Tillis has invited content creators, corporations, digital media platforms and other parties that would be affected by this legislation to send their comments to [email protected] Comments close on March 5, 2021. Read the full text of the bill here.

Thom Tillis led the Legitimate Streaming Protection Act, the non-partisan law that targets “commercial, for-profit streaming piracy services” and would make operating such services a crime. The bill was recently passed by Congress under the latest spending bill which included measures to alleviate coronavirus.

An announcement from Tillis’ office stated that the proposed legislation would not “affect normal online service provider practices, good faith business disputes, non-commercial activities, or in any way affect anyone who accesses pirated or unintentionally unauthorized copies of copyright laws Stream protected works ”. and that people who may be using pirate streaming services “are not affected”.

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