‘Seven Years of Silence’ produced some phenomenal results: 1st Base Runner’s debut album fell [Video]

As a tour artist and synthesizer engineer of many big names for most of his career, Tim Husmann gained a lot of experience and vision for his own projects. However, according to the title, it took a long and somewhat unexpected period of calm and reflection to finally produce and release Seven Years of Silence. Husmann struggled with the openness and vulnerability this new project seemed to require, but eventually realized that he could no longer hide from it.

It was something that had to be done. For several years I had tried to suppress the concepts and ideas that were explored in the 8 tracks. It is an examination of expectations and shortcomings and how they, in turn, make us all the more uniquely human.

Going inside this way can be quite a challenge, but it also brings some stellar results. Husmann, now branded 1st Base Runner, released a teaser single called “All Thoughts” in January and what a teaser that was. With an equally blatant video, “All Thoughts” introduced 1st Base Runner as a mixture of Gothic Darkwave, 90s-style shoegaze and deeply introspective, almost agonizing storytelling in Tom Waits style. It has left its mark and many fans have desperately asked for more. Luckily there is more than anyone else can expect on this album.

Seven Years of Silence begins with a track called “Break Even” which seems very different from “All Thoughts”. The song with only four lines of lyrics is heavier and angrier and conjures up more The Cure from the disintegration era than Shoegaze in the mid-90s. Husmann, who is always the gear, works the synthesizer on all levels in this track, because he expresses more emotions from these four lines than Freddie Mercury from “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

What did you say I had to be to get to heaven?
And what did you say I had to do to break even?

What did you say I had to be to be great?
And what did you say I had to do to get abandoned?

The video for “Break Even” is even more blatant and courageous and moves the path from the esoteric and philosophical to the microcosm of Husmann’s personal struggle. If you’ve been wondering what this track is really about, then you’re good to go.

In every way, no song on Seven Years In Silence is like the others, apart from the uniform theme of openness and honesty and of course the exquisite synthesizers and the excellent songwriting. “Only One” is an industrial, Gothic core exploration of sine waves, sound design and emotional desire, while “Escape” has a much more dreamy pop atmosphere, a’la M83 or Flume. “Pirouette” has that great post-punk taste that drew in a lot of indie fans with “All Thoughts”, while “Some Reasons” is a great, sprawling guitar track with a comparatively humble electronic background. After all, “What Am I” and “Ocean” are cinematic, breathless, sound design heavy tracks that conjure up Pink Floyd vibes from the late era.

Although Seven Years of Silence differs from track to track, Seven Years of Silence unites into a sound journey that is unmistakably the 1st Base Runner. Even as a debut, it’s easy to see the sophistication in composition, fixation on sound design, and emotional maturity that have made Husmann a successful tour artist and likely make 1st Base Runner an even more successful solo project.

Seven Years of Silence is available now and can be purchased at Bandcamp or streamed on Spotify. The video for “All Thoughts” is also on Bandcamp.

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