Simply A Gent pays tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with Depraved Funky Flip [LISTEN]

Just a gent has changed Michael Jackson‘s famous “Thriller” for 2020 – and it’s honestly one of the best things we’ve heard this Halloween season.

Playing such an iconic track isn’t an easy task, but the Australian producer skillfully combines the 80s smash with a wicked, updated groove that leaves a balanced, deafening impression. Just A Gent works in an unexpected but flavorful drop before finding the ultimate funky flow of the track that carries the flip into the creepy, howling night.

The tribute is undeniably well done and masterfully executed. Thanks to Just A Gent, “Thriller” lives and thrives again and is as danceable as ever. Bet you’ll hear it all week, resulting in all of the live streams and drive-in shows happening that weekend?

The producer also recently dropped its new original “AUTOPILOT” – check it out here.

Michael Jackson – Thriller (ONE TUNE FLIP ONLY)

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