‘SNL’: Adele hosts, sings on ‘The Bachelor’ after which sells perfumed denims

Adele made her big return to the public with her Saturday night live Season 46 hosting gig last night. It’s been a few years since Adele was last in the spotlight. Since a whirlwind in 2015 (and 2016) in which she promoted and toured her album 25th and when she appeared on SNL, Adele withdrew from the public eye to focus on her personal life. So it was a big night for the Grammy winner when she returned from SNL after a five-year absence.

The Saturday night episode was pretty normal these days in terms of SNL episodes. After a debate-oriented cold again openly with Alec Baldwin as President Trump and Jim Carrey As Joe Biden, Adele came to her monologue. It was easy for jokes and she was in and out of there in minutes; Business as usual, really. From there, Adele’s episode contained a few gems, a few of which we will highlight here.

One of the best sketches was about Adele, who appeared as a candidate for ABC herself The bachelor. The title Bachelor was played by SNL Regular Beck Bennettwith other actors Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner show up too. The whole gag of the sketch was that Adele, the Bachelor candidate, kept breaking into songs and showing off her skills by performing her greatest hits. If anything, it was a nice reminder that Adele is an extremely talented singer, and oh how much I’ve missed her all these years.

Adele also appeared in a taped sketch made as a ’80s music video ad for perfumed jeans that will make your bum smell great. The sketch was fun, got Adele in a ridiculous wig and made her goofy Maya Rudolph. It’s not “mom jeans”, but it will do. Adele and Gardner also appeared in a sketch Kate McKinnon, Bowen Yang, and Ngo Ewodim where four friends visited a clairvoyant in 2019 and received harrowing and confusing predictions about 2020. The sketch failed to hit the strangest aspects of that very strange year. (No evidence of murder hornets? Come on, SNL.) Oh, but there was one Jeffrey Toobin Joke so i’ll give them a point for that.

Finally, there was an absurd and somewhat problematic tourism ad for Africa with Adele, Gardner and McKinnon. While the ad’s great punchline is based on the (low-key issue!) Premise that Africa is a great place for single white women to start their love lives over, it was a showcase for all of the charming ways Adele broke character. Bless.

New episodes of Saturday Night Live season 46 will air live on NBC Saturday night at 11 / 10c. Check out more highlights from Adele’s hosting gig below. For more information, please see our roundup of the best shows streamed on NBCUniversal streamer Peacock.

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