SNL Cold Open: Minnesota News Crew Debates Derek Chauvin Trial (Video)

Saturday Night Live charged the Derek Chauvin trial that weekend with a fictional morning newscast from Minnesota.

In the cold, an anchor team of four – Ego Nwodim, Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat – discussed what had happened so far in the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer on charges of the death of George Floyd. While they all agreed that “the video footage alone should tell you everything you need to know about what was going on,” the white anchors had far more faith in the American judicial system than their black counterparts.

“The defense that tries to suggest that George Floyd’s drug use was somehow responsible is just unfortunate,” said Nwodim. Thompson added, “It was a clear act of desperation to create doubt where there is none.”

“Exactly,” replied McKinnon. “And in no case will the jury fall for it.” But the characters of Nwodim and Thompson were not convinced.

“Let’s just say we’ve seen this movie before,” Nwodim explained.

The Anchors eventually stepped back from their tense discussion to reflect on the “obvious”, including a “glaring discrepancy” in the way blacks are treated by the police and the need for “concrete solutions.” When Nwodim’s character suggested reparations as a possible solution, Moffat’s alter ego interrupted them in disagreement.

The news personalities eventually moved on to other headlines, including the death of Prince Philip. When McKinnon’s character mentioned the world had lost “royalties” on Friday, Nwodim and Thompson stepped in to acknowledge the death of “Party Up” rapper DMX.

“I was talking about the prince,” said McKinnon.

“Girl, the prince was dead,” replied Nwodim.

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