Soccer star Abby Wambach and spouse Glennon Doyle reveal how Taylor Swift impressed their daughter Tish

Tish asked Abby and Glennon if she could take lessons, and they agreed. “She started wearing this guitar to class every week. Always a Taylor song in hand,” Glennon continued. “Her teacher asked, ‘Can we learn this one? Now this one?’ Always, always Taylor. “

One night Glennon heard Tish play a song she didn’t recognize. “I said, ‘I don’t know the Taylor song,'” she wrote. “She said, ‘This one isn’t Taylor.’ I said, “Who is it?” She said, ‘It’s me. It’s my song.’ “

Glennon was amazed at how “beautiful” the song was. “Just one thing that holds a mother’s heart,” she explained. “It was like seeing my daughter’s soul outside of her for the first time.”

It looks like Tish will continue to create her own music. “And now, when I kiss my daughter good night, I’ll stand at her door and listen to her play her own songs,” Glennon shared. “Your own songs. Your own songs. Fill our home. Our home is always filled with Tish’s soul now.”

At the end of her post, Glennon expressed her appreciation for the 10-time Grammy winner. “Taylor Swift: Your art led my daughter to hers. And now we see her like we really see her. All the time,” she wrote. “And for that: I’ll be forever grateful to you @taylorswift.”

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