SpeedStr hits the fuel within the new single “Stay In The Second” with King Salomon

With a name like SpeedStrexpect some hard and fast melodies. His latest drop “Live In The Moment” with King Salomon is not a disappointment.

The intro features some mellow vocals from King on an exciting trap build that leads to a heavy bass drop. It’s a beautiful and powerful amalgam that combines squeaks from the Jersey Club, a quasi-trap tempo and heavy dubstep bass synthesizers and hits just the right notes. But SpeedStr only really lives up to its name with the last drop.

After a mid-song bridge where you can absolutely feel the impending increase in speed, the tempo jumps into a house beat. From there it just grows and grows and grows … until finally the tough house hits and all chaos is unleashed.

Without a doubt, that last drop will absolutely decimate anyone in a crowd and I can’t wait for it all to be back to see for myself. Check out “Live In The Moment” below!

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