Steven Soderbergh teases the limited-edition field set of seven movies

And it could be released sooner than you think.


Steven Soderbergh has a new project in the works that will please longtime fans of the director. It seems that Soderbergh is always making great movies and television, even more so in recent years. Last year was released The laundromat and Soaring bird on Netflix. In addition, 2020 was also a banner year with the release of Wireless, a survival thriller he executive produced on Quibi and the upcoming feature Let them all talk for HBO max. So what new project could be on the horizon after Let Them All Talk?


Soderbergh teased his plans to bring out a new box set of seven of his films. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the director revealed that he had been working on revising some of his earlier films, mostly those from 1991 Kafka, 1996s Schizopolisand 2002 Frontal – three films that have come back under his control. When asked if fans could expect new versions of these three films to be released at some point, Soderbergh shared the following:

“I’m hoping to bring out a limited box set next year of the seven titles that have returned to me or that I have some control over. We remastered them and cleaned them up. Kafka, I ‘I always wanted to go back in and focus on radicals Changing ways – not to make it tastier, but to make it something I felt softened that I couldn’t fix. Schizopolis and Full Frontal are just shorter, and the rest is what it was. It becomes be a collection of titles that were not made for studios and, in the case of Kafka, were long gone. ”


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Soderbergh did not provide any further details about his planned boxing set; What he didn’t share only opens the door to more exciting questions. The biggest question is which four films could be included in Soderbergh’s decade-long career alongside Kafka, Schizopolis and Full Frontal. Some of his latest movies, including those released directly on streaming services, can be easily streamed or rented.

Could Soderbergh pull deep from his archives and post a box of lesser-known or forgotten titles? Sure, Soderbergh mentions that these are a series of films that weren’t made for studios. But is it too much to hope that it’s finally time for movies like this The one below, King of the hill, and bladder To shine? He teased a 2021 release date for the box set so hopefully we can expect more details in the months ahead.

Let Them All Talk The premiere on HBO Max on December 10th. Read Colliders Matt Goldberg about Let Them All Talk here. For more information, check out HBO and HBO Max in December.


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