Stripper crushed and raped after solely flashing cash on Onlyfans! (Graphic)

A Baton Rouge dancer was robbed, beaten and raped after bragging about having money on her Onlyfans page, MTO News learned.


The dancer, known by the name HotGirlMinnie, claims she just posted a video about Onlyfans when a group of thugs broke into her home, beat her, robbed her and raped her.

She explains how the attack team got to her home. She says, “[A woman knocked] at my door and said her name was Brittany, she was with 2 other guys> “

Minnie said she turned the group away and told them they were in the wrong apartment. But the gang came back the next morning.


Minnie told the fans: “[My] Door kicked) I was hit in the head 2 times (mouth and body) with a gun, red fire extinguisher and suffocated until I passed out on the floor & WokeUp in piss ????and I was raped too. “

She then warned all strippers or onlyfans workers: “THIS IS NOT A GAME! If you want to strip, please get some protection and don’t post any money. I had to ask for my life several times IP”

Here is a video of the episodes:

And here is a picture of the stripper bar wrapped in duct tape:


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