SWARM explores new territory in Dani King’s latest single, “Heartless”

In a year where I’ve gone from an average of three shows a weekend to no shows for the past 7 months, it can be difficult to keep a positive outlook. Fortunately, ironically, more than any other year I’ve done this job, I’ve got a lot of music to look forward to. One of them was “Heartless”, the new single from SWARM and Dani King.

SWARM’s evolution as an artist was amazing to watch as he moved from being a different part of the mid-tempo crowd to a real path in music. The combination of dark and foreboding aesthetics, the retention of part of that mid-tempo sound and the mixture of influence from artists like Celldweller, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein and others have given his sound a unique flair that no one else can match.

On “Heartless” he explores another new sound that adds hardstyle to his repertoire, but also gives it a kind of Gothic Euro-Dance edge? Add to this the emphatic singing of Dani King which exalts everything and the song is truly a work of inimitable art. It’s Black Metal with a Euro / Electronic spin, sometimes a little slower, a little quieter, but the comparison is there.

After his last single, “I’ll Never See the World” with Brian Lenington, it’s clear that the quarantine was good for SWARM, who have undoubtedly focused on their sound – and like so many other artists, at this point we’ll really see how SWARM becomes its own and explodes.

Hear “Heartless” with Dani King below!

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