SWARM might be accountable for the newest launch “Fury”

2020 was terrible in many ways, but for many artists this year has given them the opportunity to discover their sound and carve a massive niche for themselves in the culture. SWARM is one of those artists. The mix of his mid-tempo start with influences from Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Celldweller and more with cinematic bass elements has made his name synonymous with massive, room-filling swells and incredibly impressive melodies.

While he’s had a lot of breathtaking releases this year (“I’ll Never See the World”, “Heartless”), “Fury” is perhaps the heaviest, most direct, chill-inducing film piece that has ever existed.

The track itself is the sonic equivalent of a full three-act film with different tempos, keys, rhythms and more. Each movement is unique in itself with an overarching theme that connects everything. The combination of this motif with actual cinematic musical elements gives “Fury” a unique identity that SWARM uses more easily with each release.

Check out the track in all its glory!

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