Taika Waititi places his government producer energy behind the Native American characteristic “Frybread Face and Me.”

Oscar winner and director Taika Waititi has signed up for Executive Produces Frybread Face and me. Waititi, who is Maori, is committed to telling stories that focus on indigenous characters. His second feature on the director’s chair, 2010 Boy, tells a coming-of-age story centered on a Maori teenager, with elements of the story taken from his own life. Waititi has also made an effort to include Maori actors with New Zealanders in its films Julian Dennison, Rachel House, and Rima Te Wiata appears in Hunt for the Wilderpeople and in the case of House THOR: Ragnarok, to.


Image via Marvel Studios / Disney

Now Waititi will lend his power as executive producer to Frybread and Me, a feature film by Billy Luther, a writer and director from Navajo, Hopi, and Laguna Pueblo. Per variety, Luther’s Frybread Face and Me was one of the 10 projects selected as part of the Sundance Institute 2020 directors and screenwriters. The film tells the story of “two teenage Navajo cousins ​​from different worlds who tend sheep during a summer at their grandmother’s ranch in Arizona, learning about their families and themselves.”

Frybread Face and Me is a semi-autobiographical feature by Luther whose earlier credits included the documentary Miss Navajo and the 2018 reality TV series alternative. Miss Navajo premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and aired nationwide on PBS’s Independent Film Lens. Frybread Face and Me marks Luther’s transition from documentaries and feature films to narrative filmmaking. Waititi’s role as executive producer on Luther’s new project will add great visibility to this important story. Therefore, it is very likely that we will be talking about Frybread Face and me in the months ahead as it develops and prepares for release.

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