Teen mom star Kiaya Ellliot arrested on GUN & ASSAULT charges

Teen Mom: Young and pregnant star Kiaya Elliott is the latest reality star to be arrested, and Kiaya cheated on herself – and revealed the arrest in a TikTok video that had her mug shot in the background, MTO News learned.

Kiaya then shared the clip on Instagram and added some details.

“Thinking about that time, I took off my wig to wash my hair and was arrested before I could take out my cornrows,” the headline reads.

According to court records, Kiaya’s arrest stemmed from an incident that occurred on March 21st. When she kept attending a party with her friend Teazha, an argument broke out.


Here’s how The Ashley’s Reality Roundup website described what happened:

“One guy eventually jumped into the fight and Kiaya claimed he pulled a gun and pointed it at her,” the Ashley source said. “Kiaya wasn’t really injured, but she charged the guy with assault, battery and pointing a gun at her.”

The man was arrested and will be tried next month to face these charges.

Kiaya Elliott mug shot

But that’s just Kiaya’s story.

The guy – who Kiaya claims pulled a gun at her – tells a different story. A few days after his arrest, he filed an assault with Kiaya. Another woman also filed a bodily harm against Kiaya, accusing her of pointing a gun at him.

As a result of these allegations, Kiaya was arrested on March 25 and dragged into the clang. It later paid off for $ 3,500.

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