The 11th and final season of Walking Dead: “When we start, we rock and roll,” says showrunner Angela Kang


When The Walking Dead runs out it will be with a bang. Also for a good measure, a splat, a thunk, a whomp and a kaboom. “When we start [the final season], we rock and roll, ”says showrunner Angela Kang to TVLine. Forget about intimate bottle episodes and character studies. “We are big and extensive again.

“There will be a feeling that things are just dragging along for the first block,” which begins on Sunday, August 22nd. “Then,” she continues, “we will choose some other tonal things than we are used to.” on the show that the audience will hopefully enjoy. “

What could possibly be tonally different in season 11 of the AMC series, considering that we’ve already been served heavy drama, boneless horror, suspenseful action, bittersweet romance and even a little bit of comical relief every now and then? “I think it’s just that mix,” says Kang. “And when we get to know more than one type of new community, each story will have its own mood. Some of them may go into types of genres that haven’t really been explored on the show before.

“I hope that we have the feeling that we are still finding new things last season,” she adds, “but also that we are developing further.” What do you think dead heads? Are you ready to say goodbye to the series that started the entire franchise? Did you all go out? Hit the comments with your thoughts at the end of the line.

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