The case of oxygen died at first sight: immerse your self within the tragic case of Emilie Morris

However, after Emilie’s unexpected death at the age of 35 with no victim alive to testify, prosecutors dropped the charges and left Emilie’s family in pursuit of closure and justice.

Also, Joan says she found out about the dropped charges at her daughter’s funeral.

Emilie’s sister Andrea adds, “It seemed too unfair and too horrible to just let go.”

The case is no longer open, but Wilder and the Lindbergh School District have since negotiated to terminate his contract.

“When we received additional evidence from the police in 2015, we worked with our lawyers, board of directors, and administration to get Jim Wilder’s contract terminated as soon as possible,” he said Beth Johnstona Lindbergh School District spokesman told Fox2Now in 2018.

According to the KSDK, a state official stated that Wilder had retained his license to teach because he was never convicted.

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