The Conjuring 3 prequel comic will bring out a new DC horror imprint

The conjuring universe expands to the world of comics. DC Comics, in partnership with Warner Bros. announced DC Horror, a new publisher’s imprint. The plan is to “achieve a new level of tension and terror that guarantees fans will read with the lights on during the day”. The new line starts with a prelude to The incantation: The devil made me do itarriving this summer.

Enter the world of #DCHorror this summer with THE CONJURING: THE LOVER, a prelude to @TheConjuring: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT ????

– DC (@DCComics) April 23, 2021

Entitled The Conjuring: The Lover, the monthly five-issue limited series that is the next installment of The Conjuring Universe. The series is run by The Conjuring 2 and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me write screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and New York Times bestselling author Rex Ogle (Death of the Wolverine: Life After Logan, Teen Titans) . It features art by Garry Brown (Babyteeth) and a main cover by comic book icon Bill Sienkiewicz. The variant cover is by Ryan Brown (Dark Nights: Death Metal), with artist Garry Brown providing a 1-in-25 ratio cover. Marie Javins, editor-in-chief of DC, had this to say.

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“From early titles like House of Mystery and House of Secrets to current series with Swamp Thing and John Constantine: Hellblazer, DC has always been home to great horror comics and characters. DC Horror continues that tradition with new terrifying stories from both.” Sources continued. Familiar and new storytellers who will terrify and entertain fans. ”

DC is owned by WarnerMedia. Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema are also housed under the company. The idea of ​​creating new links for upcoming horror films with the publisher makes a lot of sense. Especially when you consider how successful the Conjuring Universe has been so far. A line of log was provided for The Conjuring: The Lover that reads as follows.

“The Conjuring: The Lover expands the tragic story of Jessica, a freshman returning to campus after the winter break. An undeniably unsettling feeling of being watched. Jessica quickly realizes that something evil has targeted her, and it will not rest until it has her in its unholy grip. But why has this sinister presence targeted a seemingly normal college freshman? ”

According to DC, the series will also feature backup stories that further explore the secrets of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s artifact room. Issue # 1 features a story that examines the terrifying origin of one of the items from the Warren-haunted artifact room. The story was written by Scott Snyder (Batman), with art by Denys Cowan (Hardware, The Question: The Death of Vic Sage). In Issue 2, writer Che Grayson (Bitch Planet: Triple Feature) and artist Juan Ferreyra (Green Arrow) bring another story from the artifact room to life.

Additional titles for the DC Horror masthead are expected to be announced in July for October release. Just in time for Halloween. The Conjuring: The Lover # 1 arrives in comic book stores and participating digital platforms on Tuesday June 4th. That happens to be the same day The Conjuring: The Devil got me doing Max Itarrives in theaters and on HBO. Issue No. 2 will be available on July 2nd. The editions retail for $ 3.99 and the card version for $ 4.99. This message comes to us via|

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