The Empire Strikes Again Bloopers, Revealing By no means Earlier than Seen 40th Anniversary Footage

Newly unearthed behind-the-scenes footage of The Empire Strikes Back reveals never-before-seen footage, outtakes and glitches. Even after 40 years, Lucasfilm is still finding things that hardcore Star Wars fans can see in their vault. This time, they were able to track down 7 minutes of footage from the second episode of the original trilogy starring Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, and others. Hamill even does a new dance to celebrate his Tuantuan friend while filming in the harsh and freezing temperatures.

EXCLUSIVE: I look forward to sharing rare and never-seen footage, outtakes and mishaps from #StarWars “The Empire Strikes Back”! Amazing moments with Harrison & Carrie as well as @ HamillHimself’s “Tauntaun Dance”. A gift from my favorite Lucasfilm elves. # ESB40https: //

– Clayton Sandell (@Clayton_Sandell) December 15, 2020

The new footage from The Empire Strikes Back features Mark Hamill talking about the end of the film. The actor notes that he loved the sequel as it wasn’t a copy of the original that contains the now infamous cliffhanger ending. Darth Vader is exposed as Luke’s father and Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and taken away by Boba Fett. The story took some huge risks, and everything turned out to be worthwhile when the film hit theaters.

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George Lucas can also be seen in the new footage from The Empire Strikes Back. The franchise inventor talks about how difficult it was to start production due to the harsh weather conditions they had to film in. Production began in Norway in early 1979, where they experienced the worst winter storm in over 50 years. Harrison Ford couldn’t even make it to the set in the first week because of the heavy snow. The video makes the production look miserable, but everyone seems to be having a decent time while actually having fun.

When A New Hope was filmed, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and the crew had no idea what they were doing, according to George Lucas. However, they knew exactly what they were getting into when The Empire Strikes Back began production. Any special effects and things that weren’t there on set made a lot more sense to the cast and crew, who were only able to bring Lucas’ vision to life 2 years earlier. Lucas decided not to direct the sequel, and Irvin Kershner took on the project instead.

The Empire Strikes Back became the top grossing film of 1980, at $ 440 million. The sequel initially received mixed reviews from critics and fans, but is now hailed as the world’s greatest episode war of stars Saga and one of the greatest films of all time. Since its original release, The Empire Strikes Back has grossed over $ 550 million worldwide. Additionally, the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker plot is often viewed as one of the best plot changes ever. Thanks to Clayton Sandell’s Twitter account, you can check out the newly unearthed footage of The Empire Strikes Back above.

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