The Glitch Mob discovers a forgotten STS9 remix forward of the upcoming 10th anniversary album

The glitch mob Continue the rollout of their Drink The Sea (10th Anniversary) album with their standout remix of “Beyond Right Now” by STS9, originally released over a decade ago as part of STS9’s PEACEBLASTER remix collection. Never seen on Spotify before, the remix (sort of) lost in time is now generally available to all Glitch Mob fans new and old.

Considering that it was actually released a year before Drink The Sea came out, this remix contains all of the classic Glitch Mob sound any fan could ever ask for. Hyper glitchy synthesizers, chopped and distorted basses, beautiful melodies and much more on STS9’s already flawless production give this remix a timeless, expansive feeling that made fans fall in love with TGM in the first place.

The Glitch mob‘s Drink The Sea (10 Year Anniversary Edition) is a completely revamped and expanded reissue of the group’s groundbreaking debut album, featuring rare remixes and unreleased tracks, due out December 4th.

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Listen to Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix) below!

Photo credit: Daniel Johnson

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