The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon’s Darkish Troopers explains

The latest installment of “The Mandalorian” drew on the legacy of the “Star Wars” video game for a potentially seismic reveal.


Usually you can rely on it The Mandalorian To wrap up an episode with an important, if perhaps obscure, twist, and Chapter 12, “The Siege,” was no exception. After surviving the crash of his ship at the end of season one, we know that the nefarious Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Espositowho’s a lovable person in real life, despite his habitual villain cast), Baby Yoda and his former space daddy would follow suit. But now we know that when Gideon confronts Mando and his community, support is likely to come from a corner of the Star Wars universe that fans are familiar with.

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The episode ends with Moff Gideon monitoring an entire bank of unidentified robots at another Imperial base (man, they sure had plenty of them left after the Battle of Endor). And like so many elements on the screen, of course, there is potential backstory tied to tons of previously established lore.

“Dark Troopers,” essentially a far more terrifying upgrade for Stormtroopers, were first introduced in the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces. Making the Phase 1 versions was an integral part of this game, which revolved around the events of Star Wars: A New Hopeand made subsequent appearances in games including Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars galaxies.


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It’s also important to note that, until now, dark soldiers have technically not been considered Star Wars canon, as much of the expanded universe has been classified as “Legends” for the sake of simplicity – but then again, The Mandalorian has already found inspiration Ralph McQuarrie‘s unused concept art – it’s hardly a shock to see executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni Bring another piece of Star Wars lore into the action.

Since The Mandalorian takes place after the destruction of the second Death Star and the fall of the original Empire, what Moff Gideon is developing is likely a later evolution of the Dark Trooper concept (multiple iterations have occurred in the games). One look at this new force won’t tell if they’re fully robotic combat units or armored stormtrooper skeletons – both options from the games – but they will clearly be formidable opponents.

When could we see them fight? The answer will of course come in the next few weeks, when new episodes of The Mandalorian come out every Friday. In the meantime, read how Chapter 12 attempts to redeem the midi-chlorian concept, as well as our mid-season recap.


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