The Mandalorian Roundup: The Empire Strikes Again – Plus, [Spoiler] Returns


On this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, viewers were scared of the title: What would “The Tragedy” be? Were you hardened enough for what happened next?

The episode started bright and bright, and Mando giggled every time Grogu responded to his first name. But, Mando reminded the child (and yourself?), You had a mission to take the child to the temple ruins on Tython and reunite them with a Jedi. But the more detailed Mando described the child’s fate, the more it seemed like he was trying to persuade himself to see it through, as it meant parting with the little one.

The actual trip to Tython is uneventful because Mando parks the razor crest and grabs himself and the child to the eye stone on a mountain. Mando sets the child on the stone, but nothing seems to be happening, and looks for a “control” to start the process. At that moment a ship appears in the sky – Boba Fett’s slave I, to be exact! – So Mando goes to catch Grogu and get him to safety. But the etchings on the stone have now caught fire, and Grogu has entered a deep, meditative state and is reaching into power. In addition, a kind of “energy field” emanates from the etchings, which prevents Mando from actually reaching his station.

“I’ve been following you, Mandalorian,” says the camouflaged figure emerging from slave I. Mando assumes the person is after the child, but no, he wants Mando’s armor – that is, the one he took from Cobb Vanth. Because that bald, scarred man who featured on Tatooine earlier in the season is indeed Boba Fett. This fact is corroborated by his companion Fennec Shand, aka the assassin Mando, who was pronounced dead in Season 1 but was rescued by Boba Fett (and apparently some bionics).

Boba (may I just call him Boba? Though it sounds like tea?) Says that in trading the armor that belongs to him, he and Fennec will keep the child safe, whose bounty has risen quite high. But then another ship crashes on Tython, from which many stormtroopers pour out. An extended battle ensues in which Fennec uses her rifle and Boba brutally swings his staff. Meanwhile, Mando runs to grab the child, but is again zapped by the energy field. In one of the best kills in the series, Fennec knocks a huge boulder down a hill at one point and mows down several Raiders-style soldiers. But just as it looks like the soldiers have been neutralized, a second porter full of lands lands!

Mando, using his whistling birds, and Fennec are doing their best to fend off this new wave of villains until Boba comes on the scene after recapturing his full armor from the razor comb. He drops bombs and shoots rockets from his kneecaps (!) And forces the remaining soldiers to withdraw. While the two carriers take off, Boba locks his jetpack missile on one and the explosion causes the other to be shot down.

But then tragedy # 1 strikes when a rocket falls on the planet behind the clouds and completely blows up the razor comb. When Mando catches a glimpse of the Imperial cruiser the missile was fired from, we see Moff Gideon ordering his darktroopers to be dispatched, four of which will rocket onto the Tython surface, easily challenging the kid who after his strenuous interaction with the seeing stone sleeps. Boba in Slave I follow the Darktroopers loosely and discover: “They are back! The Empire ”as he looks at the cruiser.

After Mando has recovered the gear knob and his Beskar staff from the ashes of the razor comb, Boba reveals his chain code and explains that his father Jango was a foundling and that the armor actually belongs to him. Mando agrees and confirms their deal is over, but Boba notes that he and Fennec ensured the safety of the now kidnapped child so they remain in the Mandalorian’s debt. The three head for Nevarro, where Mando asks Cara Dune – now a Marshal for the New Republic – to break some rules and release Mayfeld from prison to help him track down the Imperial cruiser. Cara is doubtful until she realizes the child has been taken. And then she quickly changes her melody.

In the meantime on board the Imperial cruiser…. Moff Gideon checks in the kid who uses the Force in his cell to toss two soldiers around like rag dolls. Gideon is delighted with the child’s powers, but is pleased that by using them, the creature is “ohhh so sleepy!” ..? ” Grogu is too upset to react. But for a good measure, Gideon orders a soldier to shoot / stun the child (!!!) and to put him in shackles (!!!!!!!). Then he asks his communications officer to send an encrypted message to Dr. Pershing saying the donor has been secured.

What do you think of “The Tragedy”?

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