The Masked Singer Finale: Every thing You Must Know to Guess the Id of Crocodile, Mushroom and Solar.

The masked singer will no longer be masked at the fourth season finale on Wednesday (Fox, 9 / 8c). Now is the time to get your guesses on the crocodile, mushroom and sun!

In our opinion, this season of the truly weird reality show had the toughest and most misguided leads in the show’s history. But there were also some of the best appearances on the show (we still think of Seahorse / Tori Kelly’s great rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”) and one of the weirdest premieres (Mickey Rourke’s gremlin stunt, anyone?).

And if you think about it, we pretty much know about the last three. If you’ve been closely watching all of their pre-performance video packs, clues, and interviews on stage, there’s a good chance you’ve already established the identities of the final singers. Congratulation!

And if you haven’t, that’s what we’re here for. Throughout the season, TVLine paid close attention to the many leads from The Masked Singer, and we’ve kept our guesses as to who is among the last three (really giant) costume heads. And here you come in.

The season finale next Wednesday (after an episode “Road to the Finals” which will be broadcast at 8pm) will crown a new winner. And before that big moment, we’ve gathered as much clues as we could get our hands on to figure out who’s who under that unwieldy wardrobe.

This is the last call for the season So scroll through the gallery above and make sure Get your final guesses on record by logging them in the comments below!

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