The New Gossip Girl has a premiere month and a mysterious, unknown twist

The new Gossip Girl is officially on the way, with a premiere month and all.

Showrunner Joshua Saffron On Wednesday April 28th, it was announced that the series, sort of a reboot, sort of a sequel to the popular 2007 series, would be released in July. And if you thought you heard so much about this new show and yet so little about this new show, there is a reason why, according to a new Cosmo feature about the highly anticipated series. Apparently, there are many secrets to be kept, even if Gossip Girl’s identity isn’t exactly one of them.

executive producer Josh Schwartz On a TCA panel long ago (OK, July 2019), this iteration announced, “We’re all Gossip Girls now.” It won’t turn out that any guy inexplicably acted as the omniscient gossip queen for the entire series because, “We’re all suppliers to our own social media surveillance state.”

In the Cosmo interview, Safran was vague about what exactly that means in practice.

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