The newly renovated E11EVEN MIAMI will reopen this weekend

After months of shutdown, one of Miami’s most popular hotspots is reopening.

E11EVEN MIAMI Promises that it will come back stronger than ever with a million dollar renovation work – new sound, new lighting, improved furniture and carpets, a new ventilation system, and a new non-smoking environment.

Although the venue has seen a number of major changes since the COVID-19 success and new hires, they promise night owls the same E11EVEN experience they missed.

In a social media post, the venue announced, “We missed you Miami, the wait is over – come back stronger! # 11miami # RatherBeAt11 #TeamNoSleep “

The venue’s website also states: “Implement new disinfection procedures, safety measures and staff training to bring the 24/7 party back.” Currently, opening hours are limited from Thursday to Sunday from 8pm to 8pm only upon prior reservation. More information here.

E11EVEN MIAMI is coming soon

Photo courtesy E11EVEN MIAMI

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