The TR knight from Gray’s Anatomy opens up the query of whether or not to “shut down” George

Grey’s Anatomy continues to pull out all the stops, and its familiar faces join Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) on the sand.

After the long-running ABC Medical drama, season 17 began last month Patrick Dempsey‘s stunning return as Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, it wasn’t made up with the surprises. On Thursday 3rd December episode, TR Knight was back as Meredith’s close friend George O’Malley, who died in the 2009 season finale.

In a deadline interview released after this week’s episode aired, Knight joined the showrunner and executive producer Krista Vernoff to explain how the episode came about.

As it turns out, George was the first character Vernoff thought of to visit Meredith in dream sequences while battling COVID-19. The producer explained that the concept came to her while she was walking on the beach herself, and she could imagine “Meredith walking with her feet in the water with George”.

She continued: “That was the first picture that came to me, and the joy that filled me when it came I think will be translated on screen, and I think we have millions of fans that moment is purer Joy given. Right Now in our lives, in this pandemic, pure joy is rare, and that’s why I’m so grateful to TR that she came and played and offered it to everyone because I think it makes sense. “

Vernoff then presented the idea to Pompeo, who was instantly excited and suggested that the show bring Dempsey back as well.

“Ellen and TR are close, and George and TR have always been my favorites, so it was my first idea as a fan, who to see again?” Vernoff explained. “I wanted to see George, so it started there.”

For his part, Knight said he was “still trying to put into words how deep the experience was for me,” and he missed not only his character, but the people he worked with on the show.

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