The trailer for Circle Season 2 shows a more strategic game

Also see which player is switching from “Too Hot to Handle”.


Netflix has released a trailer for the second season of its popular social media game show. The circleThe new season will feature eight new entrants, including a more strategic game show Chloe Veitch from the first season of Netflix’s other popular game show, Too hot to handle.

The trailer shows the eight participants, who live in narrow apartments, completely isolated from the rest of the cast. You have to endure all kinds of twists and turns, flirt, befriend, get angry, and compete in social media contests to ultimately become the top influencer on the way to a grand prize of $ 100,000. Veitch can be seen in the trailer as she enters her game show apartment in The Circle. Other participants get curious about other house guests’ cat fishing or hyperactively scream for emojis to type. In any case, this season will undoubtedly have something for the most laid-back fans.

The Circle Season 2 Social Feature

Image via Netflix

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Season 2 of The Circle is being released in weekly increments of four episodes, as it was announced in March that the Netflix series and Too Hot to Handle will be switching to this unique streaming strategy to help fans digest each episode and competition more easily can. This confirmation from Netflix VP of Unscripted and Documentary Series Burn Reigg means that both reality series premieres weekly instead of releasing all episodes for marathon viewing at the same time. The Circle, a non-written reality show by Motion Content Group and Studio Lambert, is being developed by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett and executive producers Melia Brown, Saul Fearnley, Ros coward and Jonno Richards.

Check out the exciting new trailer below and don’t miss the second season of Netflix’s The Circle, which premieres every week from April 14th!

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