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When The Office switches to the Peacock streaming service in January 2021, where it will only be streamed, fans will be able to find more than the 201 produced episodes of the show.

There will be superfan episodes that include never-before-seen footage and deleted scenes in expanded cuts of the series, starting with Season 3, with more to follow in March 2021. In addition to episodes, footage is shared behind the scenes as well. including breakdowns and interviews.

If you have specific episodes in your mood, Peacock has compiled themed episode collections like Scranton Branch’s Best Christmas Parties and Guest Visitor Favorite Appearances so you can find the episodes with your favorite guest stars. Thematic clip playlists will also be available, e.g. B. the cross-off list with Jim (John Krasinski) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson), a romance list with an emphasis on Jim and Pam (Jenna Fischer) and a wisdom list with Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

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In case you miss your own workspace while working from home, there is also The Office Zen, a 24/7 channel of ambient noise with a view of the office. And to share all the moments you have to do with the show, there are new channels on TikTok and GIPHY.

Only the first two seasons of The Office are available for free. The remaining episodes, seasons 3-9 and the Superfan episodes, are only available at Peacock Premium, which will cost you $ 4.99 / month or $ 9.99 / month if you opt for the ad-free version.

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