They’ve “large, large plans”: Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane share what’s subsequent for them

The goal is for less furry kids to follow suit, a situation Lauren is just as excited about as her fans.

Although she noted on an Instagram in June that “I’m very excited to be raising a family and being asked when we have kids all the time, but it just hasn’t happened,” the couple remain confident that they will soon the family will have their dreams.

“I was never offended by people who asked,” she says of the ubiquitous question. “I think it’s really cute. And I know it comes from a really good place and just plain excitement for us. And we both talked loudly about wanting that. So I never offended that.”

In her case, she continues, “We haven’t tried for an extraordinarily long time. But I know that for many people who may have tried it for a while, it is a sensitive issue.”

Lauren believes that after following her husband’s recommendation to “pray really hard,” one day she will be able to answer all of these questions with a growing bump of her own: “It’s something we both really do want to know and hopefully happen soon. ”

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