This Is Us presents a brand new reference to Randall’s delivery mom

That was perhaps the coziest episode of This Is Us.

“Changes” were certainly not without conflict, but there was something that was just so beautiful and enjoyable. Creator Dan Fogelman | described it on Twitter as “warm and fuzzy” and yes, it was exactly that. Randall found a new therapist who has already got him working on some of his troubled childhood memories. Kevin and Madison get to know each other. Kate and Toby are on their way to adopting another baby, and the little versions of the Big Three aren’t that small anymore.

The episode’s biggest surprise was a subtle one. In the course of the hour we met a Vietnamese man and his granddaughter. He taught her how to fish and how to cook, and he told her that he liked to cook for a certain woman. This woman turned out to be Randall’s birth mother, who could only be seen in photos in the man’s house.

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