Thomas Xavier drops Bass Driving Smash, ‘Go To Church’

Thomas Xavier A huge range of original publications will be released throughout 2021. The starting shot for this well-planned direction is given Go to the EP of the Church with 2 highly contagious G-House tracks suitable for clubs. etiquette User friendly quickly signed the works and welcomed Thomas Xavier into the family. The most important seal of approval is a breakout from this gate, which indicates that this artist dials in 100% for something precise and meets the needs of the house music world with authenticity and originality.

Go to the church“Immediately gives a great impression of the energy and direction that Xavier is taking. Driving dark bass and percussion with hypnotic infection fills the body with almost involuntary empowerment to move that practically cannot be shaken off. The voice samples, “Fear / go to church” Channel a metaphysical essence that lifts the mind to another place. The echo and reverb effects applied to spoken language bring the track to an all-consuming climax.

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