VADR drops Lovesick Trap Hybrid “Away” ft. Oshea Davaun & City Sun [LISTEN]

From the Detroit rammed earth VADR releases “Away” with aspiring rapper Oshea Davaun and multi-instrumentalist city Sun.

This song about the hypnotic magic of love mysteriously moves, changing and constantly developing its rhythm and flow. The producer’s affinity for sound design and the attention to detail are expressed when VADR develops a future-oriented trap-meets-house creation.

While the instrumental “Away” intentionally contrasts in sound and structure, Oshea Davaun’s outstanding lyrical performance puts everything together seamlessly. VADR’s roots in hip hop and the love of the grainy bass don’t go unnoticed and result in a powerful hybrid.

VADR shares the meaning behind the song in its own words:

The magic of love is a potion from which we so easily drink, become entangled in ourselves, and turn around of ourselves. “Away” is written through the lens of the personally lost but the physically connected.

Listen here and connect with VADR below!

VADR – “Away” ft. Oshea Davaun & City Sun.

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