Virgin River Season 2 Premiere: Mel and Jack’s reunion takes a horrible flip


Virgin River doesn’t strike in season 2, even if the premiere begins with the series’ biggest emotional belly strike to date.

Fresh from her dramatic (and somewhat hasty) farewell to Virgin River, Mel begins episode 1 in which she feels most comfortable: Los Angeles – especially at Mark’s grave, where she pours out the remains of her broken heart. “The idea of ​​home no longer really exists for me because you were my home. I will never stop loving you, “she tells him, a devastating feeling that she follows with the aforementioned belly blow:” Kiss our little girl for me. “(Oof! That only hurt when typing.)

Unfortunately, the contract Mel signed with Doc didn’t include a triangular clause, so she’s forced to return to the romantic crime scene to end her year at the clinic. However, it is not Doc she meets on arrival, but a speechless (and rightly angry) Jack, whose phone calls appear to have not been returned during Mel’s little retreat.

To make matters worse, he’s with Charmaine, who doesn’t even pretend she doesn’t like to bury Mel under the delightful cabin she now calls home. Not only does she start the episode by berating Mel Jack, but when they see her in the clinic, Charmaine snorts, “What is she doing here?” Not polite!

At this point, Mel has accepted that the rest of her year in the clinic will only have to suffer to avoid Jack and his crazy ex-girlfriend as much as possible. The problem with this plan, of course, is that Charmaine’s pregnancy is a high risk. It is therefore in her best interests to stay in Virgin River, where she can be especially close to her friendly neighborhood nurse. (We support the universe’s insistence on bringing Jack and Mel together like magnets, but did Charmaine have to be pulled for the ride?)

When the former Virgin River couple finally get a chance to exchange words, the conversation is likely to be awkward. Jack tells Mel that he didn’t think she was the guy who ran away when things got tough, and despite their ongoing concerns about their relationship, Jack insists he’s right about them. “You will see,” he tells her.

Mel begins to wonder if she ruined everything by coming to Virgin River, but Doc insists that her arrival helped Jack realize what he really wants out of life. Doc supports their relationship a lot more than Preacher, who tells Jack to forget about Mel and focus on Charmaine – and, strangely enough, seems angry when Jack says he’s in love with her.

Then comes the final twist of the premiere, an unexpected twist of events that sets the tone for a much darker time of the year: Mel receives a nightly visit to the clinic, but it’s not Doc or Jack. (Hell, even Charmaine would be a welcome sight!) No, it’s a jumped junkie with a knife who demands Mel hand over the goods. Honestly, it’s probably the wildest cliffhanger since that time when Mel caught Lilly breastfeeding what she thought was someone else’s baby.

Other premiere events worth discussing …

* While Hope is super handy behind closed doors, she insists that she and Doc keep their newly sparked romance a secret so they don’t usurp Mel and Jack’s throne as the hottest gossip topic in town. She doesn’t want to rush either, which makes sense given the pace of life in Virgin River. (Seriously, when is Charmaine even going to start showing? Season 8?) Anyway, Hope’s brilliant plan immediately hits her face when Muriel asks her permission to go out with Doc … and she says yes.

* Do you remember how Season 1 ended when Preacher found Paige’s blood on the floor? Well, she is apparently fine and she refers to this incident as “the night Christopher cut his hand”. It’s a sketchy cover-up, as is Paige’s – sorry, Michelle – story about leaving town to treat her son’s wound. But Preacher still wants to help and invites her and Christopher to move in with him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even have time to party before returning home and having her abusive ex-husband waiting for her in the back yard.

* And then there is Brady. Jack and Preacher’s headstrong buddy tells Jack that he’s got another job offer, but he’s willing to turn it down if Jack agrees to let him run the bar. Not only does Jack laugh at the idea of ​​giving Brady that kind of responsibility, but he throws in a “You have to grow up and bring your life together” for good measure. (If you’re worried this might come back to bite Jack later this season, you wouldn’t be wrong.)

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