Watch Barack Obama skilfully evade Jimmy Kimmel’s intercourse query

Barack Obama will never get caught slipping.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On November 19, the former president skillfully evaded a question on his and Michelle ObamaActivities in the bedroom.

“So a personal question,” host Jimmy Kimmel started. “I asked this from your wife – I interviewed her in Tacoma last year – and she told me that she will give you the answer and tell you a story the next time I see you.” But I didn’t see her so you killed in the night [Osama] Bin Laden, did you and Michelle make love? ”

Stunned by the question, Barack asked if the former FLOTUS actually intended to answer this question. Jimmy replied, “Yes,” and added, “When I read the book and you talked about hearing people outside the White House sing,” USA! UNITED STATES! UNITED STATES! “I had a picture in my head. I did it.”

But Barack didn’t give in that easily. “I guess she was sleeping,” said the author of A Promised Land. “Because the truth of the matter, most of the time when I was done with work, she would be dozing. So – Michelle goes to bed around 9:00.”

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