Watch Huge Assault’s quick movie in regards to the local weather disaster and stay music

Massive Attack, in collaboration with the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research, has released a film that explores the climate crisis and the future of live music. The group announced in November 2019 that it has partnered with the Tyndall Center to map the carbon footprint of band touring cycles and to present “options that can be implemented quickly” to contain emissions. The band’s original research plans included a low-carbon show in 2020 that was scrapped due to COVID-19. Check out the full movie below.

The film, directed by Anthony Tombling Jr. for Unit 3 Films, is narrated by Robert “3D” Del Naja of Massive Attack. Next to Carly McLachlan of the Tyndall Center are the planned low-carbon show staff including Liverpool Cultural Director Claire McColgan and Green Energy Industrialist Dale Vince. At one point, McLachlan warns against normalizing drive-in shows as a long-term solution after the pandemic.

Some measures to make gigs COVID-safe would, according to McLachlan, “increase their carbon footprint if they were made a practice in the future. We have to be careful not to sit down with things like that again after this time [drive-in gigs] I think it is a really critical moment to ensure that as we rebuild the sector – as it emerged from this period of crisis – we do so in a way that will make it sustainable over the long term. “

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