Watch Melissa McCarthy burst into tears after seeing a million dollar baby for the first time

If we had a dollar for every tear Melissa McCarthy seemed to shed on her first look at Million Dollar Baby, we would have – well, you guessed it.

The bridesmaids actress shared, as she put it, her “eloquent and intellectual review” of the 2005 Oscar-winning film on Instagram on April 30th.

“I just thought it was going to be a boxing movie and it wasn’t,” she explained between sobs and laughter. As for her attitude towards the actress Hilary Swank ‘s Oscar performance?

“Oh my god, she (Hilary) was perfect,” explained Melissa.

Which one, duh. Million Dollar Baby told the story of Hilarys Margaret Fitzgerald, played by Swank, an amateur boxer on her way to becoming a professional. We’re not going to spoil the ending – but as Melissa proved – it’s a flow of tears. And together with the trophy for the best actress for Hilary and a victory for the best picture, the drama has also earned itself Morgan Freeman (Hilary’s training trainer) a win as best supporting actor.

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