Watch: Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson meet once more and discuss ‘The Workplace’

While fans of The office The actors are still calling for an official reunion for the cast of the beloved show. They continue to gather in groups for various Zoom calls and mini YouTube meetings. John Krasinski provided Steve Carell on his Some Good News Show earlier this year, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey host their own office podcast called Office ladiesand now one of the show’s main dynamic duos – Carrell and Rainn Wilson – is together again.

Carrell appeared on Wilson’s show SoulPancake to talk about how to get rid of laughter through stress, and they spent a few minutes remembering The Office. In particular, Wilson asked Carell about the show’s renewed fandom thanks to its availability on Netflix, and Carell confessed that fans know far more about the show than he does:

“I don’t know if you feel the same, but the people who see the show definitely know the show better than we do. Maybe we saw it once when we all met and watched episodes. That was most of my watching the show, so I don’t know all the details and when people refer to lines and parts I don’t even know – some of them don’t ring at all. So the quiz page is kind of fun. “

That makes sense. If you think about it, you’ve played The Office seven times, but for the actors involved, they filmed that particular scene for this episode in a single day over a decade ago, in a flurry of work days that involved all other types of lines were to notice and coordinate that had to be done. Just because an actor is on a show doesn’t even guarantee that he’ll even see it, though Carrell went on to talk about how he and the rest of the cast knew how special The Office was when they were doing it, and obviously deep Has affection for:

“It’s great that it caught on because we all felt it was special when we did it. We felt like we were into something and we felt like we got into a groove as actors and the writers were so amazing. All the parts of it just seemed to shoot at all of the cylinders and it felt special when we did it. “

In fact, The Office endured and arguably even more popular today than it was on NBC, and a common thread among the actors involved is how much they loved doing the show. So cut them a little loosely if they might not know as many specific lines as you do.

Check out the video below.

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