Watch Taylor Swift startle Stephen Colbert during an awkward debate over her song “Hey Stephen”.

Taylor Swift I’ve just spent a lot of time discussing “Hey Stephen”.

The 31-year-old pop star joined Stephen Colbert on Tuesday April 13, where the host asked if the song from her recently re-recorded 2009 album Fearless was actually written for him. In fact, before the segment started Stephen Colbert featured throwback footage from a 2009 episode of his Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report, on which he boasted that the singer had sent him a signed copy of the original album.

During the new Late Show episode, Stephen asked, “You recently recorded Fearless (Taylor’s version) so I have to ask, is that song ‘Hey Stephen’ about me?”

She replied that it did not, as she wrote it in 2008 when she was 18 and Stephen Colbert – according to Taylor’s calculations – “probably give or take 44 years, 179 days old, seven hours”.

After Stephen commented that this was “shockingly specific,” she shared that she recently “dug up my old mood board.” Taylor then pulled out a large board covered with photos of the host, along with a picture of a large slice of pizza.

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