Watch the Chris Martin and Jimmy Fallon Parody Taylor Swift folklore classes

Can Jimmy Fallon Have an experience as great as Taylor SwiftFolklore?

On Tuesday December 1st, the Tonight Show host made a bold attempt when he created a mini-doc parody of singer “Cardigan’s” exclusive folklore Disney +: the Long Pond studio sessions.

“Okay, so it’s 8:30 in the morning. Why am I awake?” Said Jimmy. “I started writing an album unexpectedly and I just felt very inspired and got on with it. And I recorded an entire album with The Roots from afar.”

Jimmy sat next to it The roots Members Tariq Trotter and Questlove on a roof and discussed the possible album of the late night host.

“I remembered calling you, Tariq, and asked if you would help me,” Jimmy said, to which the musician replied, “Only if you paid me a lot of money.”

Jimmy then turned to Questlove and remembered the question, “Hey, do you want to work on something together?” Quest remembered bypassing the question entirely and asking, “How did you get that number?”

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