Well-known Dex to DJ Akademiks: I will beat you up !!

DJ Akademiks covered the Famous Dex video in which he was apparently very addicted to drugs – but the rapper insulted Akademiks coverage and posed a direct threat to the popular blogger.

“Nobody congratulates me when I certified my album gold,” he says. “Nobody says anything about it… you are so worried about me. Whatever your worries, get the fuck off my cock. DJ Akademiks, you are fucking lame. Get off my dick, you fucking ass. If I ever see you, I’ll beat you up. I swear to God by my son. “

Fans were concerned when Dex found himself frail and under influence on a recent livestream. Many speculated that he was high on hard drugs – but he was quick to respond to the rumors, claiming he only smoked weed.

“I have money, I can do anything I want. Goofy ass slut. F * ck did you worry about me? And second, I don’t do any of this, n * gga. I smoke weed and take care of my children. What the fuck is wrong with you “he said in the video.

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