Wendy Williams followers are involved after her Friday morning present

Wendy Williams has dealt with her drug problems in the past when she revealed she lives in a sober facility. After making headlines for pronouncing coronavirus ‘Carnova’, she is making new ones for the Friday morning show.

Wendy seemed to look good until she started her Hot Topics session where fans claimed they heard her, forgot names, and glazed her eyes.

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Some claimed it was reminiscent of her infamous Halloween fall a few years ago when she claimed to be overheated.

Many went to her Instagram post to share their opinions and tell their team to get their help.

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“Wendy, please take care … It was honestly difficult to watch you today. I look forward to seeing you in a better light on Monday, ”one person wrote.

Another added, “What’s wrong with Wendy? The chatter is that something is going on. There has been a change. You can find that the show’s content has been changed slightly to take some of the pressure off Wendy. From this side of the screen, it looks like something is wrong with your health / personal life. The sharp insights are gone and she seems a little “over it”. I used to enjoy every moment of the show, now I find it hard to sit through an entire episode. ‘

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This person said, “Wendy, I’m not being rude. Today was hard to see. I never say anything negative about you because you are a legend. I hope everything is fine. It was difficult to see Norman and Suzanne trying to do their best not to react. I really hope you are fine. Lots of love from Texas. ‘

One supporter wrote: ‘Wendy, what’s up. Something is wrong. You acted weird today. I agree that Wendy may need help again. Don’t lose your show. We love you.’

The viewers are sincere with their concerns. Hopefully Wendy just had a day off.


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