What to see on Netflix High 10 Rankings on November 11th

The Netflix Top 10 list doesn’t show how many people watch a program, but it does show which shows the most people watch. The top 10 list for Wednesday November 11th includes some new content in the form of the Christmas rom-com series Dash & Lily, the 2018 version of The Grinch, and the prison documentaries 60 Days In, the rare new title on the list that doesn’t exist Not for Christmas. The list is topped for the ninth year in a row and for the twelfth day overall by an excellent limited series The Queen’s Gambit.

But of the Netflix Top 10, which of these shows and movies are really worth watching? We break down the entire Netflix top 10 list and walk you through what to do and what to skip.

The best TV shows and movies on Netflix in November 2020

Based on Netflix’s top 10 as of Wednesday November 11th

1. The Queen’s Gambit

For fans of: Chess, drugs and character drama | It is good?: It’s one of the best shows of the year

Budding superstar Anya Taylor-Joy (she was cast as Young Furiosa in the next Mad Max movie) stars in this literary adaptation as Beth Harmon, a brilliant but troubled chess master in Kentucky in the 1950s. She was an orphan who developed an incredible skill for playing in her teens, but also a debilitating addiction to pills that calmed her obsessed mind. It’s a detailed character study of brilliance and madness that is usually reserved for male characters. It comes from one of Netflix’s limited series producers, Godless’ Scott Frank. (Rank yesterday: 1)

2. The impossible

For fans of: The resilience of the human mind in the face of disaster | It is good?: Yes

Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts (who was nominated for an Oscar for their performance) and the young Tom Holland play a family that was separated during the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 and has to fight to survive and find each other. It’s a powerful true story. (Rank yesterday: 2)

3. Chappelles Show

For fans of: Rick James, Prince | It is good?: It’s one of the funniest shows ever

The legendary comedy show is now on Netflix. After all these years it’s still screamingly funny. What’s your favorite quote from Chappelle’s Show? Mine is “He’s an ordinary line stepper.” (Rank yesterday: 3)

4th mile 22

For fans of: Mark Wahlberg action films | Is it Well?: It is whatever

Mark Wahlberg loves making films with director Peter Berg. This is one of their five collaborations. It’s an action thriller about undercover CIA agents transporting a whistleblower through 22 miles of enemy territory. It’s kind of confusing and stupid. (Rank yesterday: 5)

5. Dash & Lily

For fans of: New York City at Christmas time, bookstores | Is it Well?: It’s charming

Dash (Austin Abrams) and Lily (Midori Francis) court each other by taking notes in a secret book at Manhattan’s famous beach bookstore that widen the comfort zone. It’s cute and will put you in a happy mood. [TV Guide review] (Rank yesterday: n / a)

6. Operation Christmas Drop

For fans of: Christmas, tropical islands | Is it Well?: It’s supposed to be bad!

In this rom-com, a beautiful congressional assistant is tasked with ending a tradition in a remote military base where pilots, led by a good-natured Air Force officer, deliver Christmas gifts and other necessary supplies to the locals. It’s a real military tradition that no congressman would ever try to quit, but a movie needs a premise. The film was shot on location in Guam on an actual working air force base, which makes it unique. (Rank yesterday: 4)

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7th Cocomelon

For fans of: Vegetable puree, pacifier | It is good?: Safe for babies

Colorful items, preschool songs, and big-headed babies make this catnip for toddlers and younger kids who have the time. (Rank yesterday: 6)

8. Knock Knock

For fans of: Keanu Reeves, erotic thriller directly on video | Is it Well?: Not exactly

This 2015 erotic thriller about a married architect who offers shelter to two young women with ulterior motives topped the list, partly because it stars internet hero Keanu Reeves and partly because E- R-rated Thrillers can handle people who are alone and bored at home. (Rank yesterday: 7)

9. The Grinch

For fans of: Spoilsport | It is good?: It’s good

Benedict Cumberbatch speaks to Dr. Seuss’ legendary green man who learns to love Christmas. You know the story and this CG customization doesn’t add much to it. But it doesn’t distract from it either. It’s better than the Jim Carrey version, but not as good as the original version. (Rank yesterday: n / a)

10. 60 days in

For fans of: jail | It is good?: Ethics aside, it’s pretty fascinating

A & E’s documentaries follow undercover volunteers detained for 60 days to expose illegal activity in the prison (among inmates, not judicial officers). The season currently available on Netflix is ​​set in the Pinal County Jail in Arizona. It’s a terrifying look at life inside at extremely high stakes. You are concerned about the safety of the participants. (Rank yesterday: n / a)

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