Why Princess Charlotte will never be your average surrogate heir

It might just be the family resemblance, but we’re getting it too Princess Anne Mood – although due to the archaic system of male primogeniture at the time, the queen’s second oldest child was not even considered a substitute heir than her younger brother Prince Andrew was born and remains lower on the ladder than any three of her brothers’ six children.

But Anne, although a full-time queen who surpassed her brother Charles in official engagements for most years, was at the same time the image of a modern, independent-minded member of the family – one who did not gift her son, Peter Phillips, and daughter, Zara Tindallroyal titles to promote their own independence from the crown. Anne was an accomplished horsewoman and free to pursue her dream (“at least for a limited time,” she told Vanity Fair). She was the first British Queen to take part in the Olympics. Otherwise, she has devoted most of her public life to various charities, notably Save the Children, of which she has been president since 1970. And much like many women in her family, she has been hailed as a fashion icon herself right.

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