Yaya Mayweather had child bathe on-line: Twitter says it is ‘ghetto’

Yaya Mayweather had her baby shower last night – and she streamed it live so fans and friends could attend in a socially distant way, MTO News learned.

And in true Mayweather fashion, the event was expensive. MTO News learned that Yaya spent nearly $ 100,000 on her shower and even hired a videographer to be professionally streamed live for Instagram.

Here is a video from the event:

While many fans and spectators thought the event was nice, others thought it was elegant and a little “cheap” for someone known for their luxurious lifestyle.

Just a few days ago, 19-year-old Yaya was boasting on Twitter that she had more than 10 Hermes Birkin bags, which cost around $ 10,000 in the lower price segment everyone. Her Birkin bag collection is worth more than $ 200,000, according to Yaya. Fans were a bit surprised at how regular Yaya’s baby shower looked like an event she and your cousin would have had.

Twitter didn’t like the event at all. Look:

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