Yes, Emily Deschanel is Nathan Fillion’s ex-wife on The Rookie


Two long-standing “Will They / Won’t They” procedures are proven to collide when Bones’ Emily Deschanel appears in Castle alum Nathan Fillion’s The Rookie.

The clandestine and notable piece of Casting was revealed late Sunday night in a promo for the next new episode of The Rookie, which airs on ABC on May 2nd, and is featured on Deschanel as no less than John Nolan’s ex-wife, Sarah , shows up. The reason for Sarah’s appearance? Her and John’s adult son Henry mysteriously collapsed during a visit to LA at the end of the April 18 episode and is rushed to the hospital.

Deschanel and Fillion most recently shared the television screen as presenters at the Emmy Awards 2010.

The October 2018 pilot episode of The Rookie revealed that Sarah became pregnant with Henry while she and John were still in college. John immediately dropped out of college and started a construction business. Many years later, their marriage became strained and they agreed to divorce as soon as Henry left college.

In addition to her 12-season run as Bones’ title Temperance Brennan, Deschanel’s TV credits include an arc about Animal Kingdom, some language work, and some episodes from Drunk History.

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