You will be shocked to find out these A-list stars have never won an Oscar

And the Oscar goes to …

Over the years, some actors have heard their names at the Academy Awards. However, creating that coveted list of winners is not an easy task as many talented stars have learned. Take for example Amy Adams, which has been nominated for an Oscar six times! Despite the recognition, the American hustle star still has to take home a trophy.

This year, Glenn Close, which shockingly never won an Oscar, was nominated for her eighth Oscar. She is ready to work in Best Supporting Actress for her work on Hillbilly Elegy. Will this finally be the year she takes home Oscar gold? We’ll have to wait for the 2021 Oscars, which will be on Sunday April 25th!

Until then, would you like to find out which other A-list artists have never won an Oscar?

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